Rolls Royce Hire & Rolls Royce Phantom Car Hire TEWKESBURY

Welcome to the Rolls Royce Hire and Phantom Car Hire Tewkesbury. Finding a good car hire service in your area is quite a task. People spend so much money on hit and trail car hires especially when it comes to luxury cars. Well, now you won’t have to do so because our company is definitely your ultimate stop when it comes to Rolls Royce hire. 

Our limo hire and wedding car hire service are known all over Gloucestershire and now this Rolls Royce Hire Tewkesbury is all set to make its mark in Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire. 

Our fleet has a wide range of cars including limos, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. You can hire them at the most affordable prices from our company. To know more about it, read below.

Rolls Royce Phantom Car Hire in TEWKESBURY

Whether it is a business event, corporate event, weddings, or any other occasion, a Rolls Royce is what can make a statement. It can enhance the Royal outlook in an instant. Also, you can make it look even more royal by adding a driver and chauffeur to your car service package. 

Rolls Royce goes with all kinds of occasions whether it is a business meeting, professional trip, family party, executive tour, or a wedding day. This car suits it all. 

If you live in the local area or anywhere around Gloucestershire, you can avail of this car hire and add a chic element and class to your event. We entertain our customers on a first-come, first-hire basis so make sure you get your quote ASAP.

Why choose Rolls Royce Phantom hire?

Our company, Rolls Royce Hire Tewkesbury, is for sure one in a million. There are many other such services in Tewkesbury but you can compare and tell that ours is the best. Here are a few reasons which will answer why you should choose us:

  • We have a huge range of car hire options for you to choose from.
  • Our luxury cars are chauffeur-driven to give you special treatment.
  • Most of our packages are available throughout the year.

Making The Most Of Your Luxury Night Out

If you are going out for a party or even a prom night you would want a great car like a limousine, Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, or Rolls Royce because these are the cars which will lift up the event and the view. All modern events are in search of such executive cars but one thing that holds them back is the price range. Here you don’t have to worry about that. 

Pick up your phone, give us a call and we will make sure to make the car as closely possible in your budget.

Take Advantage Of Great Rental Prices Near Me

There are many hire options in Gloucestershire which might stop you from renting a car from this car hire in Tewkesbury. One thing that is for sure our plus point is the price range. Now when you compare other services, we are ahead of them in that as well. No other company has a fleet as wide in range as ours. We have limousine, Bentley, and the luxury Rolls Royce. You will not find it anywhere in Tewkesbury or around Gloucestershire. 

Our car hire packages with chauffeur service are something you don’t want to miss on. No other company offers a chauffeur-driven luxury car at such low prices.

Phantom Car Hire For Weddings

We have many cars available but the Phantom car for weddings is something no other vehicle can beat. It is a great wedding car and it will add an instant style and special chic element to your wedding event. We can customize it to suit the view on your wedding day. A professional Chauffeur will take you to the location. It is something which will suit both modern and classic vintage weddings.

Rolls Royce Ghost Car Hire In TEWKESBURY

One word to describe the Rolls Royce Ghost car is WOW. This is something which has gained us instant fame and good reviews in our all business career. Its style and modern look are what enhanced the view and made our service stand out at the event. We have the blue one available for special occasions.

So before you go onto other hire options in Gloucestershire, give our service a chance and call us to secure your booking.



Tewkesbury is a market town with lanes of many small businesses and shops. But if you go to the local Tewkesbury for a trip, you will find the view very enticing. It has two rivers flowing by the sides which serve a class to the city view.

Rolls Royce executive travel

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